Why Natural Remedies Work Better for Candida & The Top 3 Natural Yeast Infection Remedies You Should Try Today

By Deborah Barns (CanXida Health)

There’s a lot of information online on different health websites about which natural remedies work for candida.

Most of this information is put together by people who’ve never seen any patients, unlike us who've actually have seen candida patients.

We've done a lot of research on the topic of natural remedies.

And one thing we discovered is that 70% of people with moderate to severe candida have NEVER actually tried to get rid of it using natural methods such as supplement.

They think "that natural stuff doesn't work" & that the only options they've got are drugs like antibiotics.

And this just isn't true. Keep reading and I'll explain why.

Why Natural Remedies Are More Effective Against Candida Vs Drugs

There's several reasons why we ONLY recommend natural remedies for candida yeast infections.

The key reason is because natural methods don't harm your beneficial bacteria. They let you take out the yeast without harming the "good guys" or causing damage to your internal environment.

It's the difference between using a sniper rifle and a nuclear bomb.

A nuclear bomb is something like an antibiotic. 

Antibiotics are the primary cause of candida overgrowths.


Because nearly every woman with recurring vaginal yeast infections has had a history of antibiotic use BEFORE she got sick. The problem with antibiotics (as you’ve probably read elsewhere) is they indiscriminately wipe out everything the bacteria in your gut, including the beneficial ones.

What most people (including many general practitioners) don't understand is beneficial bacteria are what PREVENT candida from taking over in the first place.

Good bacteria, primarily lactobacillus and bifida, are your gut’s IMMUNE SYSTEM. They’re like a defense force or a police unit. They keep the “bad guys” (bad bacteria & yeast) in check and prevent them from gaining a foothold.

Think about what would happen to a town or city if one day all the police disappeared.

The criminals would move in and take over.

And that’s exactly what’s happened in your gut. When you take a course of antibiotics, you're wiping out everything – the criminals AND the police. This opens doors for more bad bacteria and more yeast to get in and wreak havoc.

Instead you want something that ONLY targets the “bad guys” and doesn’t harm your beneficial bacteria. That's why the formulas we recommend only use NATURAL ingredients.

All drugs do is kill things.

They don't build up the environment so that the "bad guy" can't get in there again once you stop taking the drug. That's why many women who've experienced a yeast infection will get it again & why many get recurring yeast infections each month. 

Another benefit of natural medicine is resistance doesn't occur with natural ingredients. That happens with drugs.

This has been confirmed many times with studies done on things like grapefruit seed extract, caprylic acid, undecenoic acid, clove, and other natural anti-fungals.

Resistance just doesn’t happen.

It happens with pharmaceutical drugs because they are synthetic. They’re only made up of one thing. They’ve got one ultra refined chemical compound with a very narrow band of action.

Once yeast or bad bacteria develops a resistance to this action, the pharmaceutical drug is done.

Remember, these nasty microbes are very adaptive.

If you only hit them with one action they will soon work out how to fool this action.

And you know what happens next. The drug no longer works and the problem comes back. And then you go back to the doctor who puts you on a new drug and the cycle repeats again.

Natural medicines are different. They doesn’t just contain one thing.

They’ve got many different natural chemicals and compounds in there that make it up. They attack yeast, bad bacteria and parasites from many different angles so they get overwhelmed & can’t fight back.

And as you'll soon see, the natural stuff is no less effective at getting rid of yeast then the synthetic stuff.

The 3 Best Natural Remedies For Itching, Vaginal Yeast Infections, Skin Issues & Gut Problems Caused By Candida

1. The Yogurt & Essential Oil Douche For Vaginal Itching & Soreness
This one comes from a book written by Valerie Worwood in 1990. She recommends combining whole milk yogurt containing live acid acidophilus culture and essential oiks (and we've found it to be quite effective).

To make it, just add the essential oils below to a 100-grams of fresh yogurt. Make sure the yogurt you buy actually says it contains "live cultures" because many brands don't.

  • German chamomile oil - 5 drops
  • Lavender oil - 5 drops
  • Tea tree oil - 5 drops

Then use either an applicator for inserting pessaries or a tampon applicator. The yogurt mixed with essential oils has a dual action natural antibiotic and antifungal effect. And because it contains natural ingredients, it only targets the yeast while leaving the good bacteria alone.

This method is effective even for chronic cases of vaginal itching and soreness so give it a try.

You can also dilute the yogurt with warm spring water until you have made a thin fluid. Then add the essential oils and you've got a natural antifungal and antibacterial solution for washing the vaginal tract twice a day.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar For Itchy Rash, Flaky Scalp & Other Skin Issues Caused By Candida

Apple cider vinegar is recommended as a natural remedy for a wide range of issues.

Why? Because it works and it works well.

The reason some people think it doesn't is because they don't buy the right kind of apple cider vinegar. They go for the cheap commercial mass produced stuff sold in plastic bottles at supermarkets. Don't go for the stuff that's not naturally fermented & filled with chemicals.

If you're in the US, go for a brand called Braggs.

They make quite a good raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar also works as a vaginal douche if you don't want to use the yogurt method above. You can use it to soak your toenails (no need to dilute it) if you've got issues there. You can use apple cider vinegar to wash different parts of your body where you've got fungal issues.

You can also drink it for stomach health, though be sure to dilute it in water first. One to two teaspoons in a glass of water a few times a day is usually all you need.

You won't get rid of candida just by drinking apple cider vinegar alone but it does help.

3. A Natural Herbal Based Anti-fungal Supplement For Cleaning Out the Candida In Your Digestive System

I already covered why you should go for a natural herbal based formula vs a synthetic drug made in a lab.

We've done quite a lot of testing over the years & have concluded the 12 strongest natural antifungals are:

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
  • Berberine Concentrate HCL
  • Clove
  • Garlic, aged extract
  • Caprylic acid
  • Undecylenic acid
  • Betaine HCL
  • Black Walnut Hull Extract
  • Pau d'arco
  • Neem
  • Biotin
  • Oregano Oil

You'll notice tea tree oil is not on this list. And that's because while tea tree oil is fantastic at wiping out candida, it's best for external use only. It causes irritation if swallowed. That's why we use oregano oil instead.

Remember, yeast can't develop a resistance to any of this stuff.

Try to go for one natural formula that contains all or most of these. This way you don’t have to get multiple products and can just stick to one top quality product long term.

You can learn more about this by clicking the video below. 

When choosing a product, go with a tablet vs a cellulose capsule product. 

Don't buy those cheap cellulose capsules that have a blend of different herbal powers. They're not nearly as effective as tablets.

When you select a tablet, make sure that it’s sustained release. Sustained release means when you swallow this tablet, your digestive system doesn’t get access to everything immediately.

But over a period of several hours it slowly breaks down in the gut.

That way it targets all parts of your GI track. It cleanses all the yeast and bad bacteria right from your mouth and keeps working all the way through the colon and “back passage.”

Now you might be thinking,

"Hey wait a second, why are you recommending I take oral supplements that clean out the candida in my digestive system? I thought the problem was vaginal. Shouldn't you be telling me to use antifungal creams or probiotic douches?"

The reason you want to focus more on oral supplements vs douches is because the vaginal & gut microbiome are in sync with each other. 

How do we know this? Because our team has done the stool testing. 

You can be 100% sure that if your vaginal flora is out of balance, so is your gut flora

Yeast will always migrate from the digestive system to the vagina if given the opportunity. That's why you need to target your microbiome as a whole and not just focus on the vaginal symptoms.

And the way you do this is by taking an oral supplement. 

That's been our experience & it's also what the science says. This is particularly true for probiotics. Studies show that when you take a probiotic orally you get far better results with Candida vs if you vs if you insert probiotics directly via a douche or another method.


Because the gut microbiome has a big influence on the vaginal one.

If the gut has high levels of bad bacteria & yeast, those "bad guys" will soon overtake any good bacteria you implant in the vagina simply because of superior numbers.

Be careful of folks who try to sell you creams without teaching you how to fix the problem internally. A cream or lotion can never fix a chronic skin problem. It can only suppress symptoms. And the problems always get worse over time. 

Now, likely whatever supplements you were taking before were not sustained release.

They weren’t put together by someone with decades of experience treating your specific health problem. They were likely put together by a company that’s got a 1000 other products and they pay lip service to making an anti-bacterial formula.

Or they’ve just put out a product with one thing like oregano oil.

Some doctors and naturopaths say you need to get your antifungals naturally from whole foods and not rely on supplements. But in fact that’s what our staff used to tell people to do. Folks would go to health food stores.

They would buy organic foods. 

And it wasn’t working. 

People would buy a little of caprylic acid, or a bottle of betaine or a bottle of grapefruit seed extract. Because nobody had ever put a highly effective product together with a broad range of natural antifungals. That's one of the reasons we made our own formula, CanXida. 

We got disappointed with the stuff available in grocery stores.

Too many supplements these days are filled with fake ingredients

This isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. Back in 2015, the New York Attorney General Office conducted 390 tests on a wide range of supplements. They gathered bottles from the shelves of 4 major retail stores. 

These were GNC, Target, Walmart and Walgreens. They then sent the bottles over to a lab and DNA tested every tablet to see if the ingredients matched the label. And guess what they found. . .

Only 21% of the products actually had the herbs advertised on the bottle. 

79% didn’t contain ANY of the herbs and were just full of crap like rice powder and wheat!

Here’s a screenshot of an article from CBS News reporting on it:

And it gets worse. . .

One survey done by the FDA found 68% of the supplements tested didn’t even have the MAIN INGREDIENT advertised on the bottle. For example, one “St. John’s Wort” supplement contained nothing but “senna,” a laxative that can cause anal blistering.

Imagine taking something like that when you’ve already got a gut problem.

This is why we tell folks to avoid generic brand supplements from places like Amazon or iHerb.

The way you find good supplements is by asking “Where did this product come from? Where did the company get the raw materials? What kind of research has gone into this product?"

Was the product formulated by a person who’s an expert on it? Has it been tested and proven to work on your specific problem? 
Do they provide extensive education about dosage or the best way to use that product? 

Does the product use standardized ingredients?

Standardized means that each time you take this supplement, you're getting a consistent therapeutic dose. It doesn't vary in potency from batch to batch as is often the case in non-standardized supplements. It's a bit like how pharmaceuticals are made.

You get the same strong therapeutic dose every time you take it.

Don't just go for the cheapest product. You’ll get cheap results.

If you want to test out a high quality natural antifungal supplement, check out our CanXida RMV formula. You won't find anything better. It meets all the criteria we mention above and more. 

You can learn more about CanXida by watching the video below or by visiting www.canxida.com.

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Because we like to see people recover. It’s fantastic and the best part of our job.

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About CanXida Health:

About CanXida Health:

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