10 Things to Do Before You Start Any Kind of Candida Cleanse

CanXida Health

November 07, 2022

9. Focus On Your Health, Not On Your Candida

Understand it's best to focus on your health, not on your candida.

Think carefully about that. There is much more to recovery than whether or not something you put into your tummy will eradicate something.

Think of your overall health, think of how much sleep you're having, think of how much stress you deal with on a day to day basis, think of how much you hate your job, think of all these other things that you're not thinking about because all you're thinking about is candida.

Remember, candida is a opportunistic pathogen, it's not a problem when kept in check by friendly bacteria but will become a problem when those bacteria are no long present.

In other words, candida can't harm you when you're in good health and your gut is strong.  

It only becomes a problem when your health is weak.

That's why you need to focus on the big picture. Don't focus on disease, focus on success and health. That way you'll pull out of it a lot faster.