10 Things to Do Before You Start Any Kind of Candida Cleanse

CanXida Health

November 07, 2022

1. Understand that Healing Takes Time

Your candida problem didn't develop over night.

It took time – months if not years – for it to grow and spread to the point where you're as sick as you are now. 

That's why you have to be patient. it takes time for the body to heal. 

How much time depends on how sick you are. The sicker you are, the more time it takes to recover. That's why we often tell folks a candida cleanse can last 1 to 3 months, and sometimes even 6 months or longer.

Most things in life that are good don't come  quick. They take time and often we have preconceived ideas about how long things are going to take. Remember, it always takes longer than you think. It doesn't have to cost more but it takes longer time.

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