10 Things to Do Before You Start Any Kind of Candida Cleanse

CanXida Health

November 07, 2022

2. Organize Your Schedule

If you're really sick and barely functioning, you may need to some time off work and organize your time so you can heal yourself.

At the very least you need to increase what's called "leisure time" or "relaxation time" – even if it's just 30 minutes a day.

This isn't some "whoo-whoo" mental health fluff, leisure time activates what's called the "parasympathetic nervous system."

This is what heals and rebuilds your body & helps it cleanse itself. You also need to start paying more attention to your sleeping habits because the parasympathetic nervous system is most active when you sleep.

If you've been suffering with candida problems for a while you've surely noticed how stress affects your bowel movements & how you always get symptoms at the worst possible times.

This is because the automatic nervous system that controls digestion and gut mobility very easily gets screwed up with stress. Stress also causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal system & can make your digestion shut down.

Trust us, that's NOT the state you want to be in if you're looking to heal.