10 Things to Do Before You Start Any Kind of Candida Cleanse

CanXida Health

November 07, 2022

6. Don't Spend a Fortune on Dietary Supplements

We talk to people all the time who have been sick for YEARS & have spent THOUSANDS of dollars visiting all kinds of specialists and being put on 30 to 50 different supplements at once.

They're put on metatonin for sleep, magnesium for pain, vitamin D for immune function, calcium for bones . . .

By the time they find our website, they're taking 30 pills and spending hundreds of dollars a month.

Really we think that's a complete WASTE of time and money.

Because the more products you use, the more you're grasping at straws and the more you're treating symptoms vs the actual product. 

You only need two to three supplements to properly eradicate candida once and for all. We'll talk more about in the next slide.