11 Ultimate Anti-Candida Foods & Herbs to Eat Every Day

May 30, 2023

1. Grapefruit

You may have heard that citrus fruits should be avoided on an anti-candida diet.

So why is grapefruit different?

Grapefruit seeds (as well as the pulp) contains GSE (also known as grapefruit seed extract) one of the most powerful anti-fungals known to man. In fact, GSE was discovered by Korean scientists to destroy the cell membranes of over 100 different yeast cell species along with over 800 different pathogenic bacteria WHILE IGNORING beneficial flora.

You can make you own GSE liquid at home by thoroughly grinding grapefruit seeds, juiceless pulp, and the white membrane found in the rind.

A fair warning though: GSE liquid is EXTREMELY bitter. So bitter that most people have trouble gulping it down. That’s why I recommend a good supplement that contains GSE in tablet form (see bottom of this page for details).