11 Ultimate Anti-Candida Foods & Herbs to Eat Every Day

May 30, 2023

10. Oregano Oil

One of the most potent natural anti-fungals, according to research conducted in 2001 at Georgetown University Medical Center, oregano oil, when injected into a culture of Candida, inhibits the growth of yeast completely.

These same researchers also found yeast infected mice given oregano oil were fully healed within 30 days whereas ones given olive oil were dead within 10 days.

What makes this even better is yeast (and candida in particular) can’t develop a resistance against it – meaning it NEVER stops working.

Liquid oregano oil is so potent that two drops on your tongue will turn your face red and make you feel as if you just bit into a ultra-hot pepper. Avoid liquid filled capsules and go for a tablet formula that contains it such as the one mentioned in our
candida recovery kit guide.