11 Ultimate Anti-Candida Foods & Herbs to Eat Every Day

May 30, 2023

11. Liver and Egg Yolk

Liver & egg yolks are the two foods richest in something called biotin, a sulfur-containing coenzyme (vitamin) produced by the beneficial bacterial in healthy people that has the ability to halt the growth of Candida and prevent it from maturing into its hyphal & mycelial form (which are VERY HARD to get rid of).

Simply put, biotin keeps Candida in check and stops its mycelia from spreading into the bloodstream (where it would then have the opportunity to invade ALL other organs, including the skin, vagina and brain).

The interruption of this vicious cycle is crucial if you want a full recovery.

Incorporating these 11 foods and herbs into your daily diet can be quite challenging (let's be honest, who really consumes castor and oregano oil every day?), especially considering the difficulty of finding potent versions of these compounds. That's why we highly recommend you download and follow the guidelines provided in our complimentary
candida recovery kit.

Our recovery kit includes a Candida shopping list, guiding you on what foods to eat and avoid. You'll also find Candida diet-friendly recipes to diversify your meals, a Candida diet planner to help you plan and keep track of your progress, and a Candida symptoms tracker to monitor your symptoms effectively. You can get our candida starter guide bundle by clicking here.