9 Foods You MUST Avoid With Candida

October 23, 2022

By CanXida

3. Confectionery

This includes everything from candy to chocolates, biscuits, cookies, cakes and any kind of sweet foods that are high in sugar, full of creams, colors, trans fats, margarine and all the other crap you know you shouldn't be eating.

You don't need this crap.

If you go shopping, you don't need to buy that candy bar when you're waiting at the checkout.These things are just habits you've accumulated.

Get rid of anything containing white sugar, corn syrup and especially artificial sweeter because these will prevent your recovery like nothing else

This often includes salad dressings, protein bars and more.

You need to give the candy away, the ice cream, the cookies, everything. All that stuff needs to go. That's a correct approach.

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